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What started as a way to relieve shoulder pain for an ailing Marine Corps Veteran, has evolved into the last pain reliever you will ever need. Made with the finest ingredients and formulated for maximum potency, 911 Roll-On annihilates pain with the power of DMSO, Turmeric, Arnica, and Gluthathione.

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  • I had pain in my right shoulder, applied the roll on and within 10 minutes reduced the pain to a more comfortable level and would highly recommend this product. I’m 79 years old and waiting surgery on my C7 2/21, it’s nice to have some pain relief prior to my surgery date. - Lora Render
  • Met Tom and Mark at a local wellness shop tried the 911+ roll on within the first hour I was feeling pain relief. i have been using the roll on for several days with much success. I am able to rest at night pain free from my knees I had ACL surgery twice on my left knee and arthritis in my right knee I was popping Alieve and Motrin for months and the Dr said it’s no good for me so I had to stop the only relief that I had until 911+. Thank you. Linda - Linda Owens
  • I use this for my back and my feet. After several years in the fire department you have to find alternatives to medications and this is the only one I need. Helps with recovery, pain, and generalized muscle health for me. Love this product. - Patrick Nuoci
  • After a surgery on my knee I realized that I still had pain. I used 911 Roll to get rid of the tightness and pain that I was feeling. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it worked and the cost was great too! - Unknown
  • Best on the market cbd. Excellent for back/joint pain and the effects are noticeable almost immediately and long lasting! Strongly recommend! - Michael Shock
  • I tried the 911 roll on for my lower back pain and it actually reduced that pain significantly. I have used other kinds of muscle/back pain OTC medications but none did as good a job as 911. It really does work! - RP
  • I've been using 911 Roll-On for a few years now. After injuries sustained in the military things I loved to do such as play golf were hard to do. I keep my bottle of 911 in my golf bag and I'm able to enjoy a round of golf. Not only that but I'm able to function the rest of the day with out my body locking up. I also recently sprained my ankle and I put my Roll-On my swollen ankle and within 15 minutes the swelling was gone. I highly recommend this product. - Ryan Rybowiak
  • My mother has Parkinson's disease now going on 25 years and the ravages of the medications have completely eliminated all ligaments and cartilage in her shoulders. One doctor even said he wished he had a room full of medical students so he could show them what an extremely destroyed shoulder sounded like. She was living off of Tylenol and Lortabs. Since taking 911 roll-on she has not used any of the pills now going on 6 months. Absolutely amazing!! - Ryan Snyder
  • Solid product! I've tried dozens of CBD roll ons, but this one actually works! - Chris Fontes
  • Fantastic product!! I love that I can apply it without having to get it all over my hands. Highly recommend it!! - Matt Dove
  • I use this oil on my knees, and it is a life saver!! My knees are typically in so much pain it makes it near impossible to finish a whole shift, But now I throw some oil on before I leave and during my lunch breaks and my pain is almost completely gone!!!! - Brandon Fontes (Beenda)
  • The main mode of exercise I do is riding a bike, and I love using 911 on my legs and lower back after a long bike ride. It helps me to relax and eases some discomfort I often have after a long ride. I highly recommend it!! - Mark Swindell
  • 911 Roll-On has changed my life. The inflammation was crippling and 911 was the only thing that helped, not even three steroid shots. I was walking without pain after using it for about 7 days, getting better with each day. Currently I am having an issue with post-op wrist surgery in my hand and my thumb. Using my thumb was so painful that I dropped an antique mirror. Now I can use scissors when before using 911roll-on it was excruciating. They have embellished the oil with some essential oils to improve the product. I use it for all types of pain. I have recommended this oil to many people and the feedback has been very satisfied. Not to mention, the owner/producer is a very nice man. The prices are good when you purchase from the website. - Jacquelyn Heltzen

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World Class absorption. Fast Relief.


Powerful pain reliever and anti-inflammatory


Eliminates free radicals and promotes cellular healing


Potent pain reliever and anti-inflammatory

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