What is CBN? A look at one of the more unknown cannabinoids.

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What is CBN? 

Most of you have heard of the two most popular cannabinoids – THC and CBD.  But what you might now know is that there are more cannabinoids that can have even more specific beneficial properties.  Today, we’ll explore CBN and how you can incorporate it into your regimen to get the most out of this amazing plant. 

CBN, or Cannabinol, is actually oxidized THC.  To the layman, this just means that it’s been exposed to oxygen long enough for it to lose it’s psycho-active properties.  But don’t let that scare you, once oxidation occurs, there is no longer a possibility that the CBN will cause you return for THC on a drug test.  Having THC present in a formula might, but this awesome cannabinoid is safe for your consumption.  Once CBN, always CBN.  

So what good is it to you? Well, to get right to the point, it helps you get a good night’s sleep.  CBN still maintains the sedative properties of THC, just not the psycho-activity, which is what makes it illegal.  SO, CBN makes for an incredible sleep aid that won’t make you drowsy, and will help promote much deeper sleep. 

My personal experience with CBN has been eye-opening.  As a cannabis user, I kind of figured I was getting CBN by default – I use a full-spectrum product almost all the time, so that whole-plant should have had some in it, right?  Not exactly.  Even taking genetics into account, not one plant is the same.  Some will have higher CBN content than others, some might have none.  This is where the Certificate of Analysis (COA) becomes critical beyond compliance.  

So why aren’t you seeing tons of products for sleep containing CBN?  The short answer is that it’s expensive.  At present, CBN can be purchased from as much as 30K to as little as 12K per liter.  Isolate or Distillate (Full-Spectrum) can have additional impacts to cost as well.  So in large part, the biggest factor is it’s prohibitive cost.  However, in recent months, manufacturers have started to make CBN isolate available at smaller quantities, causing further experimentation on the part of formulators, and thus bringing to market some incredible innovation to the customer.  

Many stores and websites now carry high-CBN products, and some even offer CBN isolate products.  As always, exercise scrutiny when viewing supporting documentation such as permits, COA’s, etc.  This is primarily for your own safety and peace of mind, but will also promote a better buying experience as the value will be present in your product.  

For more information on this, and other topics, please reach out to me at Tom@911rollon.com

I look forward to continuing education, and helping each and every one of you live better, healthier lives.  

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