About Us

About Us

911 Roll-On was born from an idea that there had to be a smarter way to treat pain.  

After serving time in the United States Marine Corps, moonlighting as a personal trainer, and training as an aspiring body-builder, Tom Beighley knew one thing too well – pain.  

He discovered a compound called DMSO (Di-Methyl Sulfoxide), recommended by his mentor, coach, and business associate to help with pain he was experiencing in his shoulder as a result of resistance training.  DMSO is known very well in the bodybuilding and equine communities as a deep penetrating and fast acting anti-inflammatory, and is a pharmacist favorite for pain relief.  DMSO was the only thing that helped him until such time he elected to have surgery on his shoulder to alleviate a clavicular resection.  

Fast-forward a couple years, Tom was recently removed from work as a DoD Contractor, and had begun to have success in sports nutrition.  It was during a sales meeting with his mentor that the topic of CBD came up. Tom had used cannabis to treat PTSD since his exit from active duty in 2009, and mentioned the rise in popularity of the CBD cannabinoid.  It was then decided that DMSO and CBD would be combined to attempt to arrive at a formula that 

Almost a full calendar year was utilized to hone in on the perfect formula.  911 Roll-on launched as a 500mg Full Spectrum CBD product with DMSO.  The product had massive success.  

In 2020, the formula was revised to increase CBD content to 1500mg, and added Arnica, Turmeric, and Glutathione to enhance the products efficacy not just in pain relief, but healing as well.  

To this day, 911 Roll-On continues to help thousands and thousands of people live without pain.  Whether you are a beginner in fitness, feel you have past your prime, there is hope, and help, waiting for you here.  

Statement of Integrity and Commitment to Excellence

It is important that customers know that we only source our hemp from hand-picked, licensed, compliant cultivators.  We only use extraction facilities within the United States that are cGMP (Certified Good Manufacturing Practices)** This was a must. Finally, our product manufacturing facilities are FDA Registered, cGMP and ISO Certified.  

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