CBD for Pain

Posted by Thomas Beighley on

CBD has become extremely popular, and as a result, an increasing number of people are experimenting with its various uses.  Pain, one of its primary targets, has become a common ailment being treated with CBD.  Using CBD for pain can certainly provide benefits, but lets explore it more in depth.

We have a rampant drug problem in our society.  The things we’ve historically used to treat pain have been proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they do more harm than good.  Even with this understanding, opioids are prescribed more and more every year, despite harsher restrictions.  Admittance to the hospital for pain almost guarantees the administration of various drugs.  These drugs and their addictiveness create a proving ground for problems and the destruction of peoples lives.

Pain is something that’s been around since the beginning.  It’s never gone away and it will never go away.  However, many things have been used to treat pain over the years, but until recently, the safety of these things has not been a main concern.  Now that we’ve lived long enough to see the impacts of our pharmaceutical environment play out, we seek healthier ways to address our ailments.

Prior to the Farm Bill in 2018, hemp-based CBD was considered illegal for over half a century.  Following the socialization and passing of the Farm Bill, use of CBD for pain and other ailments has skyrocketed.  It is estimated that half of the people that take CBD, take CBD for pain.


But people are smarter than ever these days.  It is easy for the average consumer to check reviews and make an informed buying decision.  To these people, it is important to know more about what you put on or in your body.  It is for that reason that we will explore how CBD works.

There are over 120 identified cannabinoids within the hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa).  In hemp, CBD is one of, if not the most, concentrated cannabinoid found.

Our bodies contain a complex set of receptors known as the Endocannabinoid System.  It has been observed that CBD enters the bloodstream, and attaches to these Endocannabinoid receptors, providing a family of benefits, from relieving extreme or chronic pain, to anxiety, to balancing blood sugar, to fighting virus’, and so much more.  Inflammation, sharpness of pain, and other processes are also observed to be effected by CBD.

THC was originally thought to be the cannabinoid best suited for pain. And in many ways this is still true.  However, as research was performed, more and more evidence began to point to the fact that CBD could accomplish many of the same results as THC, but without the psychoactive or sedative effects.

It is for this reason that research has began in high volume on CBD for pain, as this is an area of high interest and a bad track record to-date.

As an active individual, we sought out to solve the problem of pain.  Our enemies were and are: Inflammation, Chronic Pain, Nerve Pain, Soreness, and pain from force trauma.

Every ingredient in 911 Roll-On attacks inflammation, chronic pain, nerve pain, soreness, and pain from force trauma.

DMSO relieves pain and inflammation.

Arnica relieves pain and inflammation.

Turmeric relieves pain and inflammation.

Glutathione relieves pain and inflammation.

Every ingredient matters because the goal matters.

We believe that using CBD for pain is an incredible way to live a healthier, happier life.

You too, can live a healthier, happier life.  Take a step in the right direction today, and try 911 Roll-On.  It’s not about the roll-on, it’s about what you can do with it.  Be better, use 911 to help you get there.