How to Turn Inflammation into Inspiration

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A Story About One Grandmother’s Musical Journey to Becoming Pain Free

Meet Amanda, a 60 year old housewife who plays tennis when her arthritis isn’t acting up.  She loves playing tennis and spending time with her grandkids, age 4 and 8, but with her constant inflammation, loses out on a lot of playtime because her hands ache to the point where she cannot hold a racket let alone her grandchild.

You see, Amanda is the perfect example of the type of person who cannot afford to let this continue.  Not only is she giving up her hobby, but if she can’t get control of the arthritic pain, she’s not going to get to enjoy the company of her family nearly as much as she would like.  Arthritis only gets worse, unless you take the necessary steps to thwart its onset.

Amanda is not alone.  There once was a woman named Janet that loved to play the piano.  So much in fact, that she played it every change she got!  She played at home, at church, sought a position in the choir and began playing the organ, and even quit her job as a home-health nurse to do music full-time! She gave piano lessons, volunteered her time for municipal events, and was above-all-else, a loving grandmother with a musical life! Unfortunately, her rheumatoid arthritis caught up to her, and she had to give up her passion.  No longer could she impact the lives of many by imparting onto them her musical wisdom.  She had to forego playing at home, at church, and what’s more, had to give up her leisure time with her husband that had included trips across the country in their motorhome.  It wasn’t until a family breakfast with her family that she discovered something that would change EVERYTHING.

Her grandson had been developing a product for his own pain and had wanted her to try it for her arthritis. She was a little reluctant, as most would be, about whether it would work, whether it was safe, and how she would be seen by her friends.   But alas, it was her grandsons work, so of course she was going to give it a go.  He applied it right there at the table to her knuckles and the tops of both of her hands.  He didn’t even rub it in, just told her to sit back and relax and he’d check in with her momentarily.  Within minutes she could feel her hands loosening, the inflammation going down, the circulation pouring in like fresh water to quench the most desperate of thirst.  And then, something magical happened. 

She raised her arm, fist clenched, and gave her grandson a sly glance.  “What did I do?” he asked, his face turning red.  “I haven’t been able to make a fist in over five years!”, she proclaimed.

And that was all that was needed for 911 Roll-On to be born. 

911 Roll-On has been the saving grace of so many people suffering from arthritis, extreme and chronic pain, muscle soreness, and inflammation.  When other products take 15-30 minutes to work and have to be taken with food, 911 stands alone.  When other topicals numb the skin, 911 penetrates deep and effects are felt within minutes.

But don’t take it from us.  The proof is in the results:

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