Is CBD Cream right for me?

Posted by Thomas Beighley on

We all experience physical pain.  It can be in acute ways, for extended periods of time, or in very obtuse ways and for brief stints.

The most common ailments we experience are from physical activity or over-exertion in the form of soreness, aches, bruises, burns, cuts, stings, etc.

We don’t really spend much time thinking about pain relief, and it’s not a sexy topic.  Discomfort is not a great selling point.  But the truth is we have a thousand different ways to attack the same old problems.

So what gives?  Is CBD the answer? Are there products that work better than others?  Let’s find out.

Today we will look at CBD cream, whether it works, and why you shoud use it.

So what is CBD Cream?

CBD Cream is a product that is applied to the skin and contains cbd-extract related ingredients such as hemp oil, cannabidiol (CBD), or hemp seed oil. It is typically used to treat pain and skin conditions, but is also used for administration of anti-anxiety blends and doses, as well as for mental clarity and more.

911 Roll-On CBD with DMSO pain reliever contains a host of anti-inflammatory agents on top of CBD and DMSO, our unique delivery system.  Featuring turmeric, glutathione, and arnica, your pain won’t be around long.

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So topicals help with a few things.  How?

How CBD Topicals Work

Our bodies have what is called an “Endo-cannabinoid System”, a complex network of receptors that receive and are binded to by cannabinoids we produce or consume.

There are over 100 known cannabinoids in the hemp plant, many of which have not yet been truly understood.  We do know, however that production or consumption of these compounds can positively effect our bodies.  However, topical CBD does not make use of the Endo-cannabinoid system conventionally.  Rather, our bodies use CBD as healing agents and antioxidants in most cases.

It is also believed that CBD may help chronic pain, although many studies are still needed.

Benefits of CBD Cream

Traditionally, people have used CBD topically for:

  • muscle sorness,
  • achy joints or stiffness
  • arthritis
  • fibromyalgia
  • inflammation
  • much more

CBD Creams function much like other topicals pain relievers, except for a few distinct differences:

  1. Whereas most ointments are petroleum-based, CBD creams typically aren’t. This means that a better healing environment exists because oxygen is allowed to participate.
  2. Products containing CBD are generally longer lasting and more profound

How to Use CBD Cream

CBD Cream is used much like other topicals as well.  You simply identify the site and type of pain, and select a product accordingly.

Different delivery systems will effect how long it takes for you to feel effects of the topical.

Delivery systems are the compounds selected to help the formula penetrate the skin. They have a direct impact on how effective the product is, how fast it works, how long it lasts, and how it impacts chronic issues.

Products like 911 Roll-On that contain DMSO are far superior to those that do not.  Compounds like cayenne or lidocaine are sensational and are not as porous, making absorption more difficult.  They are also used to mask effectiveness as sensations often trigger placebo effects in the brain.

Selecting a quality topical product is critical to whether your needs are met.  Price is not always the indicator of quality.

Do your homework, and make the best choice for you!