What Is CBN?

Posted by Thomas Beighley on

In this industry, one of the most common questions we get is about new cannabinoids.  Over the last few years we have watched CBD grow dramatically.  Its market size has increased one-hundred fold, and the types of products that have hit the market are wide ranging from patches and topicals to gummies, coffees, cough-drops, gummies, pills, and countless desserts.  But recently, there has been a rise in isolated cannabinoids, that are sure to provide the means for new entrants to the market.  Cannibinoids like CBG, CBC, and CBN, form a new region underneath the CBD umbrella.  CBN will be the focus of our conversation today, and we hope that unlike this special compound, this article won’t put you to sleep!

So What is it?

Did you know that CBN, or Cannabinol, is another cannabinoid, like CBD, that is extracted and/or found in cannabis?  The main difference, however, is that CBN has a different structure chemically speaking than CBD.  CBN is effectively oxidized THC — whereas Delta 9 THC exists with psychoactive properties, CBN has shed those properties yet retained the sedative nature.  In other words, Cannabinol is a profound and effective cannabinoid for sleep.  While CBD is certainly helpful for sleep, CBN takes this to another level.  It can be taken by itself, or along with other cannabinoids such as CBD, THC, etc.  In extraction, THC is heated and exposed to oxygen, causing it to convert.  Cannabinol can be naturally derived from hemp without the conversion process from THC, but this can be an inefficient way to produce the isolated cannabinoid.

What does CBN do?

Cannabinol is a sedative that promotes improved sleep patterns.  By attaching to endo-cannabinoid receptors, Cannabinol relaxes the body much like THC would, however, that is where it stops.

The Benefits Of Taking CBN

Similar to CBD, the benefits of consuming Cannabinol include improved sleep quality, pain relief, and anti-inflammation. However, it is far more powerful when it comes to sleep. CBD is not as useful as CBN with respect to sleep improvements. After taking a CBN supplement, the average consumer can expect to feel the effects within 15 to 60 minutes. While it may be worrisome regarding overdosing on CBN, the reality is that it is not dosed in such a way that can really be harmful.  Granted, we don’t want anyone to sleep too long (i.e. Rip Van Winkle style), but it is important to feel safe and understand that these cannabinoids are useful, beneficial, and do not put the user at risk.

The benefits of CBN are:

  • Improved Relaxation
  • Enhanced Sleep Patterns
  • Increased Quality of Sleep
  • Improved Cognitive Response from less than ideal amounts of sleep
  • Resulting improvements in cognitive function
  • Indirectly Boosts Metabolism and digestive function