What you don’t know about CBD (but should)

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It probably seems silly to say this.  After all, you and I both know how many new CBD companies there are, that they are all the “best” and you should choose theirs because it’s different. Also, stay with us to the end for some special info!!

We’re here to dispel the rumors.  But first, let’s start with a few things you probably do already know about CBD:

  • It can relieve anxiety
  • It can relieve pain and inflammation
  • It can help you relax
  • It can help you sleep

These benefits are generally universal.  You will find them in every REAL CBD product on the market, dosage dependent of course.  What I mean by REAL, is that there are a lot of products out there that aren’t – They lie on the label, and lie about the ingredients. Why, you ask? Money.

So, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s focus on why we came here today.  The things you don’t know about CBD.

CBD is an anti-pyschotic

But what does that even mean?  It means that, for one, if you get too high, you can offset it with CBD.  Yes.  I’ll say that again.  If you consume too much THC, CBD can counteract the potency and negative side effects.  If you traditionally get anxiety from cannabis, taking CBD will erase those issues.  If you need to not be experiencing the euphoria of THC, you can also use CBD to bring you back down to Earth.  So the next time you head out for a sesh or find yourself panicking over consumption, hit google maps, find the nearest CBD shop and BOOM.  Problem soilved.

CBD Balances The Endo-Cannabinoid System

So many people struggle with tolerance.  Cannabis can be an expensive habit simply because of tolerance.  So what do we do about it?  Quit?  Take a break?  These can be excellent steps to take in general, but for those that don’t want to quit?  Here you go.  By maintaining a consistent CBD regimen, you can tip the tolerance scale back to balance.  CBD can act as a counterbalance for THC, and prevent your bank account becoming a slave to your vice.  Plus, where else can you feed yourself moderation? I mean, you can’t do that with alcohol can you?

What You Don’t Know About CBD: It Has Anti-Viral Properties

Well, not exactly CBD.  Of the many cannabinoids under the umbrella of CBD, CBG stands alone in several ways.  CBG, a sister/brother of CBD, contains strong, verifiable anti-viral properties that help kill virus’ on contact and keep it that way for extended periods.  Pick up some CBG next time you are near a CBD or Smoke shop.  It is best if it is pure, or dab-like.  Nothing fancy is needed for this exercise.  We will address decarboxylation in another blog, but for now just understand that there is a requirement for you to active this cannabinoid through oven heat.  This is not complicated, just requires much more explanation that is not the point of this writing. Ok, back to it.  Add the content into your current cleaning solution or add vinegar and water to a spray bottle along with the CBG.  Any amount will do.  This will give you peace of mind that you are maintaining standards of cleanliness but also that you mitigated your own risk.  Go you!

You Can Infuse CBD With Just About Everything

As we alluded to in the previous point, CBD can be added to your cleaning solution to add anti-viral properties.  But did you know that you can infuse CBD with a lot more than cleaning solutions?  Take food for example.  Is there a food you eat that causes anxiety?  Do you tend to overeat?  See… What you don’t know about CBD is slowing you down! Give this a try – conduct the same experiment as before, only this time, choose CBD.  For dosing instructions, please seek guidance or email us HERE.  We are happy to advise, but we are also not medical professionals.  After activating, melt some butter and add the heated and activated oil to the mixture.  Stir.  Let cool.  What’s left will be significantly upgraded butter, that will deliver the same flavor benefit, but with added punch.  Your lack of anxiety as you eat should assist you in not eating emotionally, and not beat yourself up about it in the process.

It Can Be Used To Assist In Fat Loss

THC-V, another newly popular cannabinoid, has been dubbed fat loss cannabinoid because of its ability to neutralize appetite and produce energy.  Users that have tested this cannabinoid have reported almost un-noticeable appetite suppression, while at the same time have clean, abundant energy that they didn’t have before.  Perhaps it’s a bit of the fast and a bit of the drive, but one thing is for sure – this cannabinoid is much safer than much of what is on the market today, and plant-based nutrition is always something to be strived for.

As you can see, what you don’t know about CBD can be more than you think.  It’s not just pain and focus and relaxation; this cannabinoid is truly powerful and we are merely scratching the surface of its utility.

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