About 911

We created 911 Roll-On CBD Pain Reliever to help people who suffer from ailments that cause chronic and severe pain. For years, we watched as our friends, family and clients grappled with the debilitating effects of long-term pain. We wanted to do something to alleviate their suffering - but nothing seemed to work. 

That's when we discovered the power of DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) combined with CBD oil for targeted relief from deep muscle aches and bone pains. Our research showed that this combination could be a powerful way to reduce inflammation and provide temporary relief from chronic pain. This discovery was so exciting that we just had to find a way to share it with everyone!

911 Roll-On is a one-of-a-kind all-natural, topical pain reliever. Our combination of Arnica, DMSO, Eucalyptus, Glutathione, MCT, and Turmeric are well known in helping fight: Inflammation, Chronic Pain, Joint Pain, Arthritis, Neuropathy, Tendinitis, and so many more ailments.

The benefits of this formula, which have been refined over years of testing and improvement, continue to benefit our customers, and can do the same for you. This is a powerful, concentration of Full Spectrum CBD, condensed into 1oz roll-on bottle, mixed with the fastest and deepest penetrating properties of DMSO.

The benefits of 911 Roll-On are:

  • DMSO Delivery – fast absorption, deep penetration
  • FAST relief of your most painful ailments
  • Long Lasting Effectiveness

But that’s not all – by combining Arnica and Turmeric, we have harnessed the power of two of the best, all-natural anti-inflammatory agents and pain relievers in one formula.  Factor in glutathione’s powerful anti-oxidant and healing power, and you have one of the most unique and powerful pain-relieving CBD topicals you’ll ever find.


Best of all, you just can’t beat the value.  Most competitors balk at our pricing, saying 1500mg is too much for the price.  But we didn’t make this product to make money, we made this product to help you.